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Friday, August 16, 2013

Changes in My Life

I wrote these lines after i reviewed myself 

My life was going fine….
With no faults and no crime …
I would be happy at any cost ….
But didn't realize that I was lost.
I had so many friends around,
Who used to charge me in the ground.
Gautam Sehgal

A day I realized, I m being bullied,
Life’s so harsh, I was still pleased.
I framed my pain and made a phrase,
Used to ask, Will I win d Race?
Suddenly life went on another track,
I asked my self, is this another stack?

Months passed and so on years,
Felt lonely with no tears.
I continued writing, and expected to be praised,
But you know what!  It was going waste…
I have a friend, who boosted my moral,
The one who told me, “Hey that’s your Level”.
Gautam Sehgal

We have never met, but we do share,
And slowly it happened, life got easier.
I thank God, for all his blessings,
Well that’s life, an unpredictable thing.


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