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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Feed The Needy

I feel really glad sharing this with all.
MAD has come up with something that would bring a real change to the people of Dehradun..and i am sure, to the people of our country as well. After the completion of the clean-up drive next to Krishna Palace, MAD has now decided to switch over their drive and do something that would give a ray of hope and satisfaction to the people who are living ... i am sorry.. it actually who are passing their lives in the slum areas, where they don't have any one who could sit with them and tell them what they would be if given a chance.

Coming back to What difference is gonna be done on 16/12/12 i.e. on Sunday, 16 December 2012.

Sunday Morning at 1045 hrs every MADian is supposed to gather at Astley Hall, Rajpur Road (Dehradun, Uttarakhand). Everyone is appealed to get Aloo ke Parantheys with them, i would request all that you may get any thing that you think would be useful for them. Its not just about feeding them with food, its just to feed them with their needs. 

As the Education Dept Of Uttarakhand is also invited to witness the activity..

But as Mr. Abhijay Negi has updated on the MAD Facebook Page....they have got a negative response from our Sooo Kind Govt. As they feel low interacting with the Slum dwellers...

But its something that won't effect our motive..lets just do the same and get the things done our way....


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